We have arrived. 


A link to remember…

img_0652I have the absolute highest hopes that this trip will end in a bfp, but if it doesn’t work out I want to remind myself, ahead of time. that God has a way of working things out and all will be well. I also want to have some good info about moving forward, should I decide to do a second round of IVF. I found this very detailed bulletin on Fertility Friends UK outlining the reasons your IVF may not have worked and solutions/things to check for next time. So, here it is, Agate’s Guide To Learning From Your Failed IVF Cycle. 

I have yet to read the entire bulletin, because I’m trying to maintain a positive outlook and not over-Google myself in to oblivion, but judging by what I did read, I do believe this could be very helpful for someone considering a new cycle following an unsuccessful one.

I’m torn about posting this, because I want to keep everything positive, but this is my journey and all great journeys have highs and lows. I want to be able to acknowledge them both and find peace wherever this adventure takes me.

Barbabydos Adventure Begins

My story starts with three years of unexplained infertility. I wasn’t “freaking out,” so to speak. It was just something that bothered me and lived quietly in the back of my mind. I didn’t get really serious about looking in to my infertility until I found out I had the BRCA2 gene, AKA the breast cancer gene. I knew I would eventually like to get a preventative mastectomy, but I also knew I wanted breastfeed, so I decided I needed to get busy getting busy! Well, not exactly… We actually got busy visiting our local fertility clinic. Long story short, I had two failed IUI’s over the course of a year and then my Dr. said I needed to move on to a laparoscopy or IVF. I began looking in to IVF at my clinic and pretty much anywhere and everywhere else. Did I mention my local clinic sucks and it is only one of two in my area (both suck)?! The crazy thing is, I live in a fairly large city, the Capitol of the state I live in! Yet, our fertility clinic ranks 4th in our state. I swear I looked at almost every clinic in the U.S. and then I began looking abroad. What I hate most about my local clinic is that it feels like a cattle call, they give us absolutely no personal attention, sometimes run about an hour behind, and when they finally call your name, you are placed in a waiting room with a bunch of other people almost touching knee to knee. Not my idea of a good time! By the end of my last visit, I was determined not to put any more of my heart, money, or time in their hands. So I continued to pray and search for options.

This is when the most amazing thing happened, I found the blog, Always Katie, where a girl named Katie (you may be thinking, “thanks Capt. Obvious.”) told her story of doing IVF at a clinic in Barbados called the Barbados Fertility Centre, or BFC for short. Her blog was so informative and it sounded like she had an awesome experience, not to mention she ended up with twins!! It’s never even crossed my mind to take a trip to Barbados, but from that moment on it was pretty much all I’ve thought about (still is). 

My husband who is a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy was highly skeptical of my proposal. I made him read Katie’s blog, he said, “well, she seems like a normal girl.” That seemed to ease his mind. If a “normal girl” like Katie could do it, my meat and potatoes guy and his crazy wife surely could! Did I mention the cost was significantly cheaper than our local clinic and we would get a two week vacation?! Score! So that was it, we were going to Barbados. 

To be continued….