It’s All Happening 

Note: This post was originally written on Nov. 29, as of now I am in Barbados! I am behind on updates, but more to come soon!

I can’t believe I’m on cycle day 6! I really thought I would have blogged more by now, but with the holidays in full swing, I didn’t end up having as much time as anticipated. 

I was so excited to begin my injections (never thought I would say that).Prior to starting the injections I was on birth control for two months. Did I mention how much I despise birth control? Between quitting smoking, starting birth control, and three family thanksgiving events, I swear I have probably gained twenty pounds. I have done myself a big favor and decided to take a break from the scale. I closed my eyes when they weighed me at my last doctor visit, telling the nurse not to tell me my weight. I know that worrying about the size of my butt is not a priority right now and that I need to focus on being healthy. So I went to Target and bought a few things that fit me and my new “voluptous” figure comfortably and got back to focusing on the matter at hand, baby making! 
About those injections, right now I’m on my 6th day of a Menopur/Clexane/Aspirin regime and, for the most part, it hasn’t been half bad. Unfortunately, I did get a massive migraine on Sunday (day four), which continued in to day five. Even writing about it makes me feel ill. I didn’t think I was supposed to take Advil, my drug of choice, so I was popping Tylenol like candy, to no avail. My husband called Barbados Fertility on Monday morning and they ended up telling him I could take Advil!! Phew… I’m not sure why this works, but taking two Tylenol and two Advil simultaneously can usually knock out my worst headache. I highly recommend it. By mid-afternoon I was pretty much migraine free. I relaxed all day to avoid a relapse. 

One thing I have noticed since I started the process of planning and preparing for Barbados is that I haven’t had the mental clarity for anything that requires focus, which means I can’t really do my job well. I am an artist of sorts, a creative type, and my work requires me to be fully present in the moment and for my mind to be sharp. I feel like I have a blanket over my brain. I guess you could call it a “baby blanket.” I hope this feeling doesn’t continue in to pregnancy, should I be so lucky. On one hand I feel somewhat peaceful, almost blissful. On the other, I feel lazy, like I have no motivation beyond the will to find my next meal and something good to watch on TV. Speaking of which, I think it’s time for a nap!